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Release date : 06/24/2022
Music Collection - 7.76MB

md5: 32EC190C3C6479870347B4C76991F224
sha1: D367D1310D04BFBD3B8978EF974CF2E2A090E050
sha256: EA0922153581412712B7E5B3ED81A12F2BCEB9A8F30F57825FC631BD8851BF4F

Portable edition - 7.70MB

md5: 9A7DD9F2C4F69B8BAA73293A0C00CFA2
sha1: 4420CAA97F0E16FF8159DBDCAEEC344A9677CA09
sha256: 5E0D0BECA0617D94E2D5CF2A532B77AB6230843702CED51FB00192608D69AA00
GSoft4U-Music Collection-features
Program main features
  • The program creates the collection's database in a Microsoft Access format, so if you want later, you can use it, without the help of the program.
  • The user can create as many as different collections wants.
  • Accepts all kinds of musical media (cd, lp, dvd-a, etc.).
  • Specially customized to add and edit classical music albums.
  • For every album the program saves all media contained, every medium tracks and the lyrics for every track.
  • Presents albums using filters or without.
  • Lists selected albums in a grid or using images (default setting).
  • Presents all items contained in the album, in one page for an easy album overview. The details that are shown there are: album cover, album artists, notes, the tracks of each medium, the lyrics of each track and the duration of each one, as well as the total duration of the album.
  • Exports album information to html file.
  • Manages all program data, such as a list of singers, composers, etc.
  • Manages artist information (biography, best albums).
  • Prints all the data shown in each table..
  • Creates reports, which you can configure by your preference..
  • Manages album loans.
  • Shows collection statistics.
  • Searches for tracks and opens the album medium that contains them.
  • Advanced album searching, using every possible criterion.
  • Retrieves data from the Internet, such as cd info, album cover, artist information, tracks, and the lyrics of each track etc.
  • Skinable. The user can select from 30 different skins.
  • Multi-language support.
What's new
06 24 2022
Released build

  • Added : Search Last played albums between two dates in the advanced album search.
  • Added : Load all the album genres found in the Discogs search.
  • Added : Sound visualizations in the audio player.
  • Fixed : Error during album saving, when a field value exceeds the field width.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

06 16 2022
Released build

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