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Release date : 01/31/2019
Music Collection - 7.23MB

md5: FD8514CD2786D5706D825BF6B6790418
sha1: AF7CAB3581F6680DCEA19F0134DD28322CFA33A2
sha256: 4C245BA0622791EE14C33230A75DF8AC0706D4B47C99E54252F34D52664BD1FC

Portable edition - 7.18MB

md5: 10CA673F7DC8CDA05A1D1B94373A746E
sha1: 7134C4FB369E9C557226246CD73F9BE8E8BDF5BD
sha256: 12B55EB60609A5269FF253B4F3B4611DC58DF81D799B91E918C48AB2DCB2A9BE
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File Version Size Download Link
Music Collection Portable.exe
MD5:10CA673F7DC8CDA05A1D1B94373A746E 7.18MB
Music Collection.exe
MD5:FD8514CD2786D5706D825BF6B6790418 7.23MB
Music Collection Portable2.9.0.4.exe
MD5:10B87C5DAAF3D7B56405B90B0BF49401 8.24MB
Music Collection2.9.0.4.exe
MD5:54657621B11A05C12E69530B90F179F0 8.28MB
Music Collection Portable2.8.7.6.exe
MD5:425AACC4D321A5FAE9E94816EB3583BC 8.23MB
Music Collection2.8.7.6.exe
MD5:3AA5BDD5CCA64B66D5F6C00475F689D6 8.28MB
Music Collection Portable2.7.6.5.exe
MD5:5EEAD4E73FD399DC6D7F0757A9715E4D 8.40MB
Music Collection2.7.6.5.exe
MD5:319278213280CB4854ADE0D6A1F6D3D0 8.45MB
Music Collection Portable2.6.4.1.exe
MD5:956C2CED071B9ABB37875796CEA892BF 8.42MB
Music Collection2.6.4.1.exe
MD5:CFFBAF3D22FA01DEE55B778041218AC8 8.46MB
Music Collection Portable2.5.2.0.exe
MD5:DA5E0D04B2C30E827BBFD974E538ED4A 7.98MB
Music Collection2.5.2.0.exe
MD5:D6479D6B52137E91245099D03B77F18E 8.03MB
What's new
11 16 2017
Released version 2.9

11 22 2018
Released build

  • Added : Clone album.
  • Added : Country, Catalog number, Reissue date at presentation page.
  • Added : Automatically save multi-medium albums at "Scan audio files" dialog.
  • Changed : Many internal improvements.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.
01 31 2019
Released build

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