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Release date : 06/28/2024
Music Collection - 7.96MB

md5: 543E16275122298CFC176F2AF047EA71
sha1: E97B878FD6DF32FFBEB06B697226AA7631ABCDC1
sha256: C633F0FB0D69F6190A9A1AC86FFA136B86BF753E3CD031118C409AB61516A88D

Portable edition - 7.91MB

md5: 7B5DC8A3EE28D0199C5B29DB070E2C10
sha1: 64DD60A62182D92D93C6F14053C41AAFE7637CBB
sha256: 3DDD1672EB0C455AD1ACAC783B9BD077CE309ABE118D3735F45F267ED8C04F6E
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What's new
06 28 2024
Released build

  • Added : Ability to insert an additional album art.
  • Added : MusicBrainz link on album save.
  • Added : Instruments field in the advanced album search.
  • Fixed : Album list sorting problem.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

06 03 2024
Released build

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