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Release date : 11/09/2022
Music Collection - 7.76MB

md5: 7857F98928E0CD1DDB532683F1F73FE6
sha1: FFAA334F83953CEE881186DAA3C7EDC8D816F028
sha256: BF93FB948BA2B7626ED7F52AA3129554ACF3A3D1BFD3DE5E371869BF4B8CF8AD

Portable edition - 7.70MB

md5: A5208B2372192B3AB56308768F142B5A
sha1: 755DC50CCD13D038DA61F4C92878CCA7DF1658BE
sha256: 73044C178BE3E7FD41F2973A45EC9850B5FE07307571F9EDB64052AF353B30DD
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What's new
11 09 2022
Released build

  • Added : Spars code in the album fields.
  • Added : Spars code in the Advanced album search and Reports.
  • Added : Open the album presentation page from the track view.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

10 18 2022
Released build

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