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Release date : 09/10/2021
Music Collection - 7.71MB

md5: 5DA212924D94E48F1653CEA4BAAAEACC
sha1: 9B04381924495027AEE8EE2C6ED9448E2916AAB7
sha256: 180FE5A0F53B5A05489E9846A3E785F73BFD363DD6DF8B831061C642159BB26B

Portable edition - 7.65MB

md5: C35F950CF3416B0C6C22D8DA0C4F79A5
sha1: E5DD33E43263EA7A7D9A7652BE2C0CB55EA358AF
sha256: EF8090BB2779080DF5BBA9CF96D1D1AFA75C076CB1D6651604AC9A174178B7EB
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What's new
09 10 2021
Released build

  • Added : Option to select action on album list double-click.
  • Added : Artist and Last played fields in the bach change fields.
  • Added : Last played field in Export albums and Advanced album search.
  • Added : Check all album list option.
  • Changed : Updated the "Copy to all mediums" function.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

08 21 2021
Released build

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