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Release date : 01/11/2023
Music Collection - 7.77MB

md5: 56300EEB992E40A00DCC85C4338F135B
sha1: BCD056B81652FD00AB19E2B940A493CB9BF0B42B
sha256: 2B23B6226239D18BCA645F76853F80DF8321D3B563737ACF5C5087B03C06D6C6

Portable edition - 7.71MB

md5: 861FEB3AEF12FA418FBFA749EFE92793
sha1: 73DE8F4F0CFBB5824E95398F7F9C976067011786
sha256: AE16077E5420BA0068F96D43F6874CA947D38D92108EC13AA4A5BEBAB22958F7
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What's new
01 11 2023
Released build

  • Added : Play random album.
  • Added : Ability to paste text in lists.
  • Fixed : Merging albums in the audio file scan.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

12 03 2022
Released build

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