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Release date : 10/15/2021
Music Collection - 7.73MB

md5: AB671DECF09963E26BFDF0A1F890D735
sha1: ED78BC45D82375D19A062920A1097696D9A6F003
sha256: C04198965A9C980AE946F4787D6CC4C0BF39040AFCEA8D316C1C4B3A7B073EBC

Portable edition - 7.68MB

md5: C0D0E6BA222E7746F3ADAAA8D8D85E6E
sha1: A3DD441722586B0B1EC5ECD3D25F80AF27839958
sha256: 5A92D06C1DE605799677816018209067EDACB6F73E7BC77EDB3870103A3F08AE
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What's new
10 15 2021
Released build

  • Added : Ability to select the file formats to scan for in the scan audio files.
  • Added : Show album cover in the reports.
  • Fixed : Hidden group item after the album editing.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

09 10 2021
Released build

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