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Release date : 02/04/2024
Music Collection - 7.95MB

md5: D4406B3F91CEA00C5AC33CBBB1FDA6F5
sha1: 6CE9C9D6340F9B0C77EF8430DD5F3CFE33B8B3A9
sha256: 1477E03FBE98AF08573F78FCF2499E2D717558F0C74B1D9252EF4B87081F3691

Portable edition - 7.90MB

md5: E1756809A8C6A0BE3E3DDCD73A61DC2B
sha1: B519E5EFBC69C148777A288E7E5626E044C84496
sha256: 0722D630F6A99C45047DDFC54492722307DE4D2AAA2D9BD7D9F5309FABEFBB20
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What's new
02 04 2024
Released build

  • Added : Artist + Released + Format sorting option.
  • Added : Bulgarian language.
  • Added : Search for text in the "Scan for audio files" results.
  • Added : Option to cancel the audio file saving to albums.
  • Changed : Many improvements in the "Scan for audio files".
  • Fixed : Wrong track positions after scanning.
  • Fixed : Program cannot remember the last window layout.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

01 20 2024
Released build

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