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Release date : 10/20/2019
Music Collection - 7.42MB

md5: 7BEDA9B336BE26BEF3D59FCBA5D2B3D0
sha1: 2C435B29F812A241C033481DBAA1B6617D8249E5
sha256: B9F9B04B469ECC2D82DD40338F2A4A20AFCE9F2DF64F837F2D6DEAF5B8227652

Portable edition - 7.36MB

md5: D14D1CABD42546C5D836023A69E82D8A
sha1: 2B70FBE5FA8C71B64D951A01359BFCBA56C851C5
sha256: 324E20C0014B3A71C56361C99F7F256AC3C0DCA0C30DBF13777D5207083EFDE4
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What's new
08 24 2019
Released build 3.1.8

  • Added : Function to load user discogs collection in the web search results.
  • Added : Resize embedded audio player and save its size.
  • Fixed : Error on album playback with the embedded player, while other album is playing.
  • Fixed : some minor bugs.

10 20 2019
Released build

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