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Release date : 05/20/2021
Music Collection - 7.66MB

md5: 3B423B081083A9BB0F0BFA1667774B8F
sha1: 7A0EB4BFA47DE9A3AB547117356446D60B8E1284
sha256: 9CE5020DE2185D64DF52F00D2B378E6BB3D92C3BBFF761875A05C94188514DA9

Portable edition - 7.61MB

md5: 0A8AE3127053AF1D257582519518DA7D
sha1: EA85BAF6761777A1839E1BAB57E59EDF9E390420
sha256: 109331EE7FBFED7C54936F9956139D8E33AC3452AB59E195B5234BC6DFB5A526
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What's new
05 20 2021
Released build

  • Added : Option to delete orphan covers on backup restore.
  • Added : Ability to edit multiple album mediums before saving.
  • Added : Open track folder and track properties options in the track list popup.
  • Changed : Many internal improvements
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs

04 17 2021
Released build

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