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Release date : 04/30/2019
Music Collection - 7.24MB

md5: 9849AADB1F6438266BF49DEFE0ACF811
sha1: A79FA94D75F1C2F7BCAEE3D78CACEF84F032F338
sha256: 6D84B9D2D2870CCD0ADE119E2E5F1B29CD7C6A693D319EB197CC0E2D3B8E7CC7

Portable edition - 7.19MB

md5: 126A16DE6943A2FD944C67FDBF3669E6
sha1: C21B9A50E439A41CFD3EFA8AB20C349BBCFD96A1
sha256: A90C4F05CE1078E139F118650C05E48881543DDFCF7ED49B2505198EABF8A136
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What's new
04 30 2019
Released version 3.1

  • Added : Save/Load report file.
  • Added : Field sorting in the web search results.
  • Added : Wikipedia Link in Artists.
  • Added : Google search for lyrics in album properties.
  • Fixed : Problem downloading lyrics.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.
04 16 2019
Released build

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