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Release date : 01/05/2019
Music Collection - 7.22MB

md5: DE65ADCAB619D0E306931B7BE836AB14
sha1: 129F4A686C4372BEF5EA4727CA4715B027D1564A
sha256: 18D3F996657148B274345A1E35714540165F2E3816B87BFB67EB7F6E6D31451C

Portable edition - 7.17MB

md5: F3DA6AB077CE0852C6C5336099555A4D
sha1: 3B0C09D02E1690FE9A0D826FB04AC98E5283F23A
sha256: 4FCDE694273B215337A754DD437C0928112F054D5E1AA2C755F80889AB6D6AA2
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What's new
11 16 2017
Released version 2.9

11 22 2018
Released build

  • Added : Clone album.
  • Added : Country, Catalog number, Reissue date at presentation page.
  • Added : Automatically save multi-medium albums at "Scan audio files" dialog.
  • Changed : Many internal improvements.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.
01 05 2019
Released build

  • Added : Musicians and performers on the album export.

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