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Release date : 11/09/2021
Music Collection - 7.74MB

md5: 9EC4E3F0120EF60D15E49CDAE3640C48
sha1: BC7EAA51C5131139D2A43694398DBC440B772F0F
sha256: 137F72039D0B472F1458A36B757CBE51E68180E51BC7D40DEC97222D63A6CDD5

Portable edition - 7.68MB

md5: 85B0DF8917DC9D9B4161CF5542236882
sha1: 4AA72B633FB1292B76A3EE38E1BFF82BDAD9B986
sha256: ABD200C2201C67F313E0E0AABD1452AA9606D1FA4C440F7BBC3F39665CC41367
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What's new
11 09 2021
Released build

  • Added : Ability to add the album's back cover.
  • Added : Show back cover in the presentation page.
  • Added : Images to Export albums > Excel. (Excel must be installed).
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

10 15 2021
Released build

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