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Release date : 05/05/2022
Music Collection - 7.76MB

md5: 83161E1D2DDB6B0C648E236134C11667
sha1: F02D8418D6444F9B15E598ABE057A7DB567E5320
sha256: D536B30B1C66F0733339812828DFDF5A3096ED1F06C006D2ECC38B98D07A810F

Portable edition - 7.70MB

md5: A4285CF453AE5135E92BC1388C03FF0D
sha1: E495DBD591FAA9175B87316CE317C945A4CA3E1E
sha256: F69CAB01666F1FA8A6E92D8B9B207CCB25511C22DF7EF3991F0F6988A41D9CC3
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What's new
05 05 2022
Released build

  • Added : Ability to resize the album covers in the images view.
  • Changed : Improved the audio file scan function.
  • Changed : Many internal improvements.
  • Fixed : Inability to check for program updates.
  • Fixed : Some minor bugs.

05 02 2022
Released build

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